Monday, 29 October 2018

Keeping you up to date

We've started learning a new Sign Language song. The class have picked this one up very quickly. I've even had some of them comment that they like this one better...
Here is the link so you can join in at home

We will start our swimming sessions from week 4 (06/11) with the Field of Dreams instructors.
Please bring a pair of togs and towel, both named, on Tuesdays and Thursdays to be able to make the most of this amazing learning opportunity. If you want to bring your goggles then I am happy to look after them over the week again.

What have our Student Teachers been up to?

Our student teachers have been working on some fun and exciting learning experiences with some of our learners for their writing.

Miss Salima has been teaching her group of students some Samoan songs. I loved it when I walked in and heard them singing along to Miss Salima's ukelele and showing me their actions. 

Bees swarming

Back in the first week of school we had a swarm of bees attach to a tree near the school's vegie garden. After looking at it from a safe distance 😜 we looked at some reasons why bees swarm. 

Here is a piece of writing from Izzy:
"The bee hive might get too full of bees because too many more are born. It might get small. Half of the swarm will have to go to a new home before they go. They have to make a new Queen bee. The old Queen bee will go with them and they have to make a new bee hive. They will need pollen. Bees can sting. I have been stung by a bee."

Izzy has included some information that she learnt about the bees and why they swarm. I really like how she has finished her writing by including some personal voice about her experiences with bees. 

Sunday, 14 October 2018

TERM 4!! ...already!

Apologies for being a bit quiet towards the end of last term.
It became rather busy and I became rather tired!

Related image

To fill you in on TERM 4!
I can't believe we have reached this point already!

I'd like to welcome our Student Teachers, Monique Graves and Ali Salima, with us full time for the first 3 weeks of the term. They had been joining us on Thursday's throughout Term 3 and get to experience what a full week looks like.
Both Miss Graves and Miss Salima have worked as Teacher Aides previously so have experience in a classroom but now get to experience what it's like to take the reins a bit.
Be sure to say hi and make them feel welcome during their time with us.

As we start to see more sun and the days are a bit warmer, there are few important things to consider:

  • everyone needs to bring a named hat to school daily and wear it during break times.
  • having enough water to drink is vital as things heat up! If you have a bottle to use in the classroom, please fill it with water only.
What our learning will look like this term:
  • We're going to learn a new song in Sign Language.
  • With a focus on Athletics, we'll be doing lots of jumping, running and throwing.
  • We will be exploring how our personal choices affect our well-being. To broaden our knowledge and understandings we will compare what plants, people and animals need to survive.
I look forward to a jam-packed term full of fun and exciting times ahead 😊

Nga Mihi, 
Teri Meling

Monday, 3 September 2018


To start our learning into statistics we begun by sorting things into categories and describe what the we found out about the categories. 

We then explored what a statistical investigation is. I posed a question to the class, we collected data and analysed the data. We discovered that the children would like to be read their story twice a day, both at the start and end of the day so the appropriate changes were made to our class timetable. 

Singaporean art influences Part 1

We have been looking into the main influences of the Singaporean art culture.
So far we have looked at the Malay style of building scapes and the Chinese style based around nature. 
The children have been working hard to refine their observational drawing skills by looking carefully at what they see and drawing the main shapes before adding some shading to create dimension. 

I'm so impressed with the work they are producing so far! 
If you're free, come in and have a look through our art books. 

Here are a few of the master pieces so far. 

Mixing paint with household items

As part of our inquiry into colours and what happened when we mixed them, we explored what would happen when we mixed them with things other than paint.

After we discussed what happened with the paint and ingredients, it was important to see how the paint dried. This is what we found out.